Painted Rock Local H.O.G.® Chapter

Painted Rock Local H.O.G. Chapter

Welcome to the Painted Rock H.O.G.® Chapter #4737

Are you new to the whole riding experience? Want to join up with other Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle lovers in the Chattahoochee Valley area? Well, you’ve come to the right place- The Painted Rock H.O.G.® Chapter #4737! Our motto is: Let’s Ride!

What is the Harley-Davidson® Owners Group (H.O.G.®)

Over 35 years ago, Harley-Davidson® created this motorcycle club to connect those with a passion for Harley® to others with that same passion. Fast forward to today and there are over 1,000,000 H.O.G.® members, making it the largest in the world! H.O.G.® members don’t just ride Harley®, they also give back to the community, donate to charities and meet up with other H.O.G.® groups and bond over their passion of all things Harley®.

The Painted Rock H.O.G.® Chapter #4737

Our Painted Rock H.O.G.® Chapter consists of many members. From men and women, singles and couples, to young and old; our members come from all walks of life. Our Painted Rock H.O.G.® chapter is one big family who all love Harley®. We attend rallies, community events, rides near and far, as well as, other Harley-Davidson® events together. Currently, we are over 100 members strong and growing! Many of our members have ridden thousands of miles together, sharing their passion for riding, exploring, making new friends, and of course, making lasting memories!

Meetings & More

Our monthly H.O.G.® meeting is held at the dealership on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM. Country’s BBQ provides dinner plates at a small cost to include tea and dessert. We are always looking for more members to join and ride with us. For information on joining our Chapter and for upcoming events please visit our FB Page. Painted Rock HOG Chapter #4737 | Facebook.

Foster the Youth

This a Painted Rock H.O.G.® Chapter passion for purpose.  Bringing our families youth into the experience to learn safety, respect for the ride and hopefully, they too will join us as they come of age and share the same passion.


Director, Manager
Steve Hodge

Assistant Director
David Engoren

Gabrielle Moreau

Denise Minopoli

Sherry Hubbard

Membership Officer
Matt Ashley

Road Captain
Randy Adams

Donnie Shavers