Performance Warranty

Performance Warranty

What is the Performance Warranty?

The Performance Warranty is an Extended Service Plan that covers Aftermarket parts that will increase engine performance. This includes but is not limited to tuners, clutches, cams, heads, pistons, and full exhausts. The Performance Warranty is the only warranty of its kind and is the only Warranty on the market that will cover your performance upgrades using Aftermarket parts.

Is this coverage available at other Harley-Davidson dealerships?

No. This offering is exclusive to Rally Point H-D and its sister stores.

Does engine work impact my Factory Warranty?

Yes. Engine work done with Aftermarket Parts will flag your VIN and any claims for resulting engine repairs will not be covered by your factory warranty.

Where can I use the Performance Warranty if my bike needs repair?

Repairs covered by the Performance Warranty can be performed at any Harley-Davidson dealer.

How much is the deductible when repairs are needed?

The deductible is $0. There is no out of pocket expense for deductibles.